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About Us

Here at Wrapbeast, we pride ourselves on the quality of our work, the strength of our customer service, and satisfaction of our customers. As a Southern Maryland based small business with easy access to the Capitol Beltway, National Harbor, Washington D.C. and Alexandria, VA, we do our best to provide quality work for the DMV area. 

What Services Does Wrapbeast Offer?

We offer a range of services from Certified Professional Window Tinting, Vehicle Vinyl Wraps, Certified Paint Protection Film Installs, to Custom Decals. 

*For Inquiries, please do not forget to list the services you would like a quote for in the message. 

Military and Law Enforcement Discounts

We salute the brave men and women that protect not only our country, but also our towns and cities. Let us know how we can serve you!

Our History

Wrapbeast LLC started as Sign Tech in 2012 in Lanham, MD. With nearly a decade of tint experience and collectively 5 years of PPF and Vinyl experience, we attained our SunTek Certified Automotive Tint Installer status in December 2018 and our SunTek Certified Paint Protection Film Installer status in November 2018. 

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Plastidip VS. Vinyl Wrap VS. Paint

- Plastidip: 

Plastidip is an air-dry, specialty rubber coating, that is peelable, flexible and can be used for automotive customization. It can be found in a variety of colors and finishes. Most plastidips are found in a matte or satin finish although a glossy effect can also be done. Most good plastidip jobs should be expected to last between 2-5 years. It is also rather inexpensive as the range for this type of service on a full car can be anywhere between $500-$2,000 depending on the color, finish, quality of the work, and reputation of the shop. For those looking to change the color or finish of their cars exterior on a budget, plastidip is definitely the way to go. Plastidip still has its limitations however, overspray, inconsistencies in the layers of the dip, runs, orange peel, difficulty in removal from improper installation, lacking the gloss finish of paint and vinyl wrap, bubbling in the finish, and aftercare (gasoline spills will damage the plastidip) are the biggest reasons why people can steer clear of plastidip. 

Autodip or autoflex is a newer version of plastidip dubbed "sprayable vinyl" or "liquid wrap" that can provide a smoother, glossier finish, however it still has the same limitations as plastidip. 

- Vinyl Wrap:

Vinyl wrap is a vinyl material that can come printed with custom graphics or pre-colored in a variety of different colors and come in matte, satin, gloss, pearl, colorshift, diamond, and chrome finishes. The vinyl material comes in a roll to the installer and can be hand cut or computer cut on a plotter to be installed on a vehicle where the installer will lay the material onto the vehicle and cut it to the shape of the panels. Vinyl wraps can last between 5-10 years based on care and weather conditions (sunnier locations usually have to lean toward the 5 year mark). Based on the color of the car, the color and finish of the wrap, reputation and quality of work of the shop, a vinyl wrap can be anywhere between $1,000-$5,000. Wrap material can also protect your cars original paint color as well as prevent small rock chips from forming on the areas where they are vulnerable. Replacing a damaged panel is also as easy as removing the old vinyl wrap and installing the same material to ensure a quick and uniform way of repairing and restoring the look of the car without the risk of overspray like in plastidip or paint. Wrap has its limitations as well, vinyl lifting or peeling on low-energy surfaces, not having exactly the same type of gloss finish as paint, the risk of cutting paint during installation, bubbling from the wrap lifting, not having the same duration as paint, as well as not being able to buff the wrap are reasons as to why people may choose to go the paint or dip route.

- Paint:

Painting a vehicle as been around as long as there has been the urge for people to personalize their car. The ultimate in ensuring a long lasting effect of protection, restoring the manufacturers original look for the car, as well as changing the color of the car. Paint can also be done in a gloss, matte, satin, colorshift, pearl, diamond, or chrome finish as well. Paintwork can vary, while some paint shops can do the work for relatively cheap, a good paint job can cost between $3,000-$15,000 depending on the type of color, finish, quality of work, and reputation of the shop. Paint also can have its limitations, cost, dirt in the finish, orange peel, improper paint or clearcoat application, overspray, as well as paperwork involved in your local DMV might be something to consider.  


Why Should I Choose Vinyl Wrapping?

2015 Audi S4 wrapped in Gloss Roaring Thunder Colorshift Avery Dennison SW900 Supreme Wrapping Film.

Vinyl wrap can be a great way for people to change the look of their car without breaking their budget. With the cost of a vinyl wrap being the middle of the road choice in terms of its longevity over plastidips, its inexpensive cost over the same color and finish compared to paint, and its ease of removal and replacement in case of damage, make it a main choice for alot of owners today. Whether you drive a Ford or a Ferrari you might be surprised to see that even owners of exotic cars are leaning toward this method of customization. 

Why Should I Choose Wrapbeast?

With over a decade of vinyl wrap and tint installation experience combined from our installers, we can help you decide, design, and determine which is the best way to personalize the look of your vehicle. With our team's years of experience in the customer service industry we can ensure and promise excellent customer service. While some vinyl wrap shops may do excellent work as well, we pride ourselves on the passion that we have for what we do. Trained by Avery Dennison in their Wrap Installation Classes, we use the latest techniques to install the vinyl on your vehicle. Using primarily Avery Dennison and 3M for our wrap materials, we use the highest quality of vinyl films to change the look of your car while giving you the piece of mind of their manufacturers warranties as well as our 6 month installation warranty and free check ups. We are also an insured wrap installer.

What Can Wrapbeast Do For My Business?

While Personal Vehicle Vinyl Wraps are definitely attention getters, a Commercial Vehicle Wrap from Wrapbeast can be an inexpensive way to get attention for your business. Wrapbeast is also a business, so we understand the need for inexpensive advertising and marketing to bring in potential customers. With a Commercial Wrap for your work car, van, or truck, we can make your vehicle a rolling billboard for everyone to see. Branding these days is very important to a business, the right type of memorable look or branding can go a long way in helping your business be known and recognized. From a custom vinyl decal for business owners on a budget to a full printed vinyl wrap for those looking to really set their business apart, our team can really help your business, to do business. 

Ask us about our Business Vinyl Packages and warranties!